Nice to be met by you.

I don’t even know how to put into words what last night meant to me, but I will try. As the Elizabeth Gilbert challenged us last night, “always, always choose creativity over fear.” So in honor of her, I will do just that: write.

Monday, November 5th 2013 at Highland Park Methodist Church…

So here I am, in line going through all my thoughts of what I will say to her. O my, that could take hours because there is so much I’d like to ask her! Can I get your perspective about this in my life? Or, can you help me see more clearly about this and that and this and that….hold on… Elizabeth Gilbert, a beautiful light beam to this world, but she isn’t the source to all truth, answer, or spirituality. She is a woman like me. She is alive like me. We’re different in stages of life, intelligence, upbringing, advancement but still, a girl like me who has tried to live life with an open heart. We’re both on a journey. The best part about that journey, it’s your own.

I’m next. I think my hand is shaking. I have butterflies. You’d think I have a mad crush on this woman. After everything I’ve felt from her books. All the tears and laughter I’ve experienced from her readings. After all the years of listening to her speak, reading her quotes, reliving the lessons I took from Eat, Pray, Love. After all of that, I said….get ready for it…its sums up everything….it was so powerful….it definitely left a mark….


 “I am so happy to meet you.”


Liz said back, “It’s nice to be met by you.”


Honestly, it was perfect. I joked earlier, building it up – but it was picture-perfect, because it was genuine.


Elizabeth (aka Liz – yes, I feel I can call her that now) was exquisite. Every encounter she made with us was real. Woman to woman – soul to soul – smile to smile – heart to heart – connection.

As always, she challenged and inspired throughout the night. With every question she answered, she spoke with great honesty, love, and humor. By the way, Elizabeth Gilbert is a very funny lady – who do you know throws the f-bomb in a church?  She is who she is, and I love it.

Many of her stories were shared that touched our hearts; especially how she battled creativity versus fear. As the years go by, I feel like I am discovering more of the creative side to myself. I was always afraid to reveal that part of me. Afraid of judgment, rejection, opinions. Little did I know, I’m filled with creativity. It brings me joy, happiness, and fulfillment. It’s a part of who I am – I didn’t know this until I took those steps toward conquering my fears (this started after Eat, Pray, Love). Not all of it has been won – there is still that fearful young girl; but I’m taking it on day by day.

Open hearts – I love it.  In my late twenties, I am just now starting my journey toward an open-minded spirituality. Letting go of the “certainties” in life. Certainty – that little myth in life that carries a sense of rigidness. I think of the people I know who are certain about so many things, they don’t leave room for doubt, what if’s, or the maybe’s. Yes, I am guilty at time for my certain opinions; just ask the boyfriend – he can attest to this! But I’ve started to be mindful about opening my heart and embracing the “possibility” that I could be wrong.

 **Usually this comes into play with topics of religion, politics, and human nature. People can be so close minded. I’ve noticed politics is the worst – all political parties**

I think it’s obvious to say, the evening was wonderful! My heart and mind feel rejuvenated. My body feels blessed. My soul feels excited.

Elizabeth Gilbert, thank you for your bravery, your guidance, and your creativity.

Friends, seek things that nourish your soul. 


One thought on “Nice to be met by you.

  1. my dear girl.. no one could have ever said it better. you have a wonderful way with words. they make me want to dance and leap for joy.

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