Fight for your beauty.

Body Image. We all struggle with it. We all hate it. There are days where I completely feel free from it. And then the dark days, where I’m trapped into thinking my worthiness correlates with my weight.

With everything I know and everything I am extremely blessed with I continue to have those moments. Why do I allow this to continue into my heart, my mind, my body?

Media kills me sometimes.  With the powerful influence they have, it continues to drag people down. It seems that there are too many shows out there about what you should be wearing, and how to look in it. Shows about how the rich, famous, and beautiful live. Ok, so there is a curiosity we have. Sure I get it. But I’d rather know about the families that need our help, our aide, our prayer, our time. Can we take a break from the media?  Don’t you want to take a break from the constant comparing of ourselves to these unrealistic images? It’s exhausting.

People laugh at this, but I don’t own a television.  Yes, I know. Have your moment. But I’m telling you, it’s helped. I don’t obsess much about,  “Do I look like that?” Or spend time being envious of others.

Before you think I’m completely insane, I should probably mention I do love Netflix and I’m an avid moviegoer. I’m not a full on granola hippie.  But I’m careful how I use it. You’ll never see me get into reality shows.  It seriously drives me insane. I’d rather have a tarantula lay eggs in my ears than watch the Bachelor, Desperate Housewives, and whatever newly wed famous couple’s reality show. Ugh. There isn’t any substance to it, yet our society it obsessed.

The media has so much control. It can influence how we think and how we perceive each other. Lies have been fed about our country. And without a doubt, the media has masterfully seduced women to believe in these unrealistic expectations of our appearances. 

I’m still learning about my beauty, and its taken time for me to accept myself for being me.  And probably took me even more time to start seeing all encounters of women without judgment of appearance.

To get here, it took starting with my mind – the power within us all.  You have to take away all the negative influences, harmful relationships, and unconstructive thoughts and start a journey towards freedom. When I struggled with weight, I go rid of the scale. Were those numbers telling me anything about myself that generated healthy thoughts? For me, it was the enemy. An obsession with getting the numbers lower and lower took over. I felt I had no control of my moods if I did not get on the scale. If the numbers were not exactly the same, or lower, it was a very bad day. A day filled with hurting my body by rejecting food. A day filled with negative words to me. A day wasted. Get rid of the scale.

Get rid of the magazines. 

Get rid of the Hollywood obsessive behaviors.

Start obsessing over the beauty within you that is more glorious and powerful than the media. Take back your control. Be the change. Be the light. Be your beauty. Be in love with you.

I understand this isn’t easy for some. It took me a long time before I started this healthy path, and still there are days I am weak. I’m not trying to tell you how to do it, because it’s different for every individual. But I do not that in order to be happy, in order to find that gorgeous soul, you got to find it. Sometimes in your weakest moments, you are called to be your strongest. When you choose the strength, you will grow. And when you grow, you change. With change, there is influence.

It’s exhausting trying to be “perfect.” It’s exhausting looking for that “perfect” outfit, especially when you’re constantly negative towards how you look. If the dress isn’t you, put it back on the rack.  The “perfect” body, whatever the hell that is.

I know there are those that fight perfectionism. I will not be able to relate to you on that because it’s never been something I’ve struggled with. I’ve always been okay with a little mess here and there. But I do have friends that have this desire for everything to be perfect; I think you struggle with the negative thoughts the most because you can be so hard on your beautiful self. We all need guidance and help. All of us do, go after it.

It’s amazing how many women can relate to each other in this. We can be so hard on ourselves, but we can also be so empowering. I hope that through my growth and my change, I’ll influence. I hope we all start taking a stand to speak kindly about one another. Stand for a movement of strong and gentle confidence. Take the stand not just for yourself, but for every woman.

It could work, right? Would be one hell of a journey, don’t you think?

Shout out to our girl, Jennifer Lawrence. Authenticity is rare. She believes we have the control.  Let’s own it.

Jennifer Lawrence says it best

Beauty is healthy and strong. I thought about posting photos of images of beautiful strong women, but then I thought to myself, “We would probably just compare again.” Instead I’m going to put my photo. NOT because I am trying to be conceded, but because this journey is about the individual. If you come across this post, I’d love your comment to include your photo or what is beautiful about you. Because you’re beautiful.

Find you light. Set free. Empower.

peace and love ladies,



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