Kindness: it is always possible

Kindness Matters.

I love random acts of kindness. I love receiving it, and I most certainly love offering it to another. Being able to remind someone how loved and important they are, it’s an overwhelming joyous feeling. You read all the time about people giving anonymously, or making a person’s wish come true! I love starting my day off knowing about the kindness that’s still in this world.

Then you get the chance to SEE kindness. You get the opportunity to be witnessing a complete stranger offer an immense amount of kindness to another. Part of my journey lately is living life with an open heart, eyes, and mind. I want to SEE more in this life. I want to BE more in this life. I want to LOVE more in this life. As I take on each day, I meditate, pray, and ask myself: may my eyes and heart be open; give me perspective.

With open eyes, and an open heart, I have seen two amazing moments this week.

Yesterday, I watched as a man pulled over, took the coat off his back, and offered it to a woman who was standing in the cold streets. This woman might of been hoping for cash, but what she received was just as needed in her life: kindness. I drove away in shock. Did I really just see a man in his fancy car offer his coat? Maybe there was some cash in the pocket. Maybe there was a note of a place for her to go and get back on her feet. Those things, I will never know. But I don’t think I am suppose to. What I needed to see was pure generousity.

Thank you sir for not only changing her day, but mine as well.

I hope the other drivers were able to join me in that moment.

Then today, a lady pulls her car over, goes through her groceries to offer him food and water. You saw his eyes sparkle towards this beautiful person who took the time in her busy day to help him. He clasped his hands together and smiled in great appreciation. Those busy carsbehind her did not worry her, what bothered her was seeing a hungry man.

He is hungry, so feed him. He needs water, so give him drink.  

A ripple effect….I hope.

I’m guilty for not believing in people. I am guilty for assuming the worst at times, and brushing people off as selfish, inconsiderate, and dishonest.

I love being proven wrong.

I’m also guilty for my perception of the poor. I grew up seeing my eldres shrug them off. Look at them with disgust and complain about how their precious tax money is spent on the homeless. Where is the compassion? Do you think you know everyone’s story? Do you think you’re a better person for looking away? I’m not trying to preach and say, “Next time you see the homeless, offer them cash.” But I am saying, work on opening up your heart. Be careful with those “certainties” in life; it causes rigidness.

I love that not only was the man and woman who received the offering, the man and woman who gave the offering – BUT all those around who saw it happen – we all were effected in a powerful way.

Look at me; it moved me so much I want to share it to anyone who finds their way to my page.

May this moment that I was blessed enough to witness be a change in you. May it encourage your eyes and heart to be open. May it spark the kindness in your life. May we always be kind to the poor. May we always remember the needy in this world. May they be first.

Look for those moments. Be in those moments. Receive those moments. Share the moments!

Peace, love, and KINDNESS today.












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