Impossibilities before breakfast

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

I need space, creative space; especially at home because obviously, most of my time is spent there. Before I moved in with the boy, I had an adorable girly apartment in a very vintage building. People would say, “This screams, Rachel!” Not sure if every person meant it as a compliment, but I sure did take it that way. When you take that next step with your partner, you know, moving in together. You’re also taking another step: sacrifice (dun dun dun).

Just little sacrifices here and there, right? Don’t get me wrong, I have loved every minute of it. I most definitely encourage moving in with the one you love. The sacrifices you make for each other only make for a better relationship. So I said goodbye to my girly apartment, and welcomed a bachelor pad into my life.

I remember when I first saw his place…..

I loved it. I have to admit, I was nervous seeing his place for the first time. I dated him for quite some time before seeing it. You never know what it might be like! One guy I dated had no furniture. Literally. Spent money like he had it though! Jed’s place was airy, open and free. Beautiful art work hung everywhere. Photos of family filled the place (good sign – he loves family). And he had one of the best coffee stations there is! He made a beautiful home, and he looked so good in it. Still does!

The day came for me to move in (dun dun dun). Which meant, time for my touch! We don’t always agree with where to hang something, but we’ve always agreed with bringing each other’s personalities into the home. Our home is centered around peace and love. We love natural sunlight. The smell of fresh air, so our windows will always be cracked. And no television. Go ahead, have your shock moment. We’re one of those people! Anything that represents a memory is important to us: photos, art, trinkets from trips, his kid’s art work, etc.  Our place does not look like Z Gallery catalog, but we can give a story to every piece we have. In some ways, I feel like our home is a book. It’s a continuous tale, a love story, an adventure, some drama, and always good endings.

The new phase: creating a creative space for Rachel.

Writing has always been a tool for me to express myself, though always done in a private journal. So this journey of “blogging” is all new to me. I’m still not comfortable with it all yet, but it has helped me overcome many fears.

“Always, always choose creativity over fear” – my mantra!

I love to read, draw, sketch, and paint. I love music. I love my quiet moments. I love color. I love positive words. Just give me an area where I can settle in and create; it’s what I need.  

When you live with someone, you share a bedroom, closet, kitchen, living room, computers, closets, socks (that one is for you baby) and so on. Don’t misunderstand me here, I love living with my boyfriend. Everything about being at home is more fun when you’re with the right person. With that said, there are times I miss that space I once had. And I am sure, he feels that too.

Times when I could just draw, write, sing, read, meditate…do anything I wanted with that space; that quiet. When you find someone that notices that about you, and then ENCOURAGES you to create that space in “our” home, you picked a good one. My project begins….

Sunday afternoon’s have become my time to create. Jed usually meets one of his cycling buddies, and I stay home to start working on those projects I’ve been waiting for. Just me, coffee, Pandora, Waffles (our dog), and the brush. We go to town!

Projects from my Sunday….


A lyric from Mumford and Sons, Awake my Soul.



My area.


Fireplace mantle with our favorite saying.


As always,  be free.


A Chinese “Alice in Wonderland” in Dallas

Fair Park Dallas presents Chinese Lantern Festival.

When the sun comes down, the lanterns come to life!


“Blessings of the Qilin” A symbol of blessings to people and said to appear only where wise leaders rule.



       Sisterhood of the Seven Fairies.


Side note:  Every lantern was constructed by a team of more than 100 artisans in China. Then shipped to the US. Even a small team working the festival have traveled from China to ensemble the exhibit.


Peace and thanks to the artisans. Your fruits of labor are appreciated by Dallas. Dallas gets cultured! 

Nice to be met by you.

I don’t even know how to put into words what last night meant to me, but I will try. As the Elizabeth Gilbert challenged us last night, “always, always choose creativity over fear.” So in honor of her, I will do just that: write.

Monday, November 5th 2013 at Highland Park Methodist Church…

So here I am, in line going through all my thoughts of what I will say to her. O my, that could take hours because there is so much I’d like to ask her! Can I get your perspective about this in my life? Or, can you help me see more clearly about this and that and this and that….hold on… Elizabeth Gilbert, a beautiful light beam to this world, but she isn’t the source to all truth, answer, or spirituality. She is a woman like me. She is alive like me. We’re different in stages of life, intelligence, upbringing, advancement but still, a girl like me who has tried to live life with an open heart. We’re both on a journey. The best part about that journey, it’s your own.

I’m next. I think my hand is shaking. I have butterflies. You’d think I have a mad crush on this woman. After everything I’ve felt from her books. All the tears and laughter I’ve experienced from her readings. After all the years of listening to her speak, reading her quotes, reliving the lessons I took from Eat, Pray, Love. After all of that, I said….get ready for it…its sums up everything….it was so powerful….it definitely left a mark….


 “I am so happy to meet you.”


Liz said back, “It’s nice to be met by you.”


Honestly, it was perfect. I joked earlier, building it up – but it was picture-perfect, because it was genuine.


Elizabeth (aka Liz – yes, I feel I can call her that now) was exquisite. Every encounter she made with us was real. Woman to woman – soul to soul – smile to smile – heart to heart – connection.

As always, she challenged and inspired throughout the night. With every question she answered, she spoke with great honesty, love, and humor. By the way, Elizabeth Gilbert is a very funny lady – who do you know throws the f-bomb in a church?  She is who she is, and I love it.

Many of her stories were shared that touched our hearts; especially how she battled creativity versus fear. As the years go by, I feel like I am discovering more of the creative side to myself. I was always afraid to reveal that part of me. Afraid of judgment, rejection, opinions. Little did I know, I’m filled with creativity. It brings me joy, happiness, and fulfillment. It’s a part of who I am – I didn’t know this until I took those steps toward conquering my fears (this started after Eat, Pray, Love). Not all of it has been won – there is still that fearful young girl; but I’m taking it on day by day.

Open hearts – I love it.  In my late twenties, I am just now starting my journey toward an open-minded spirituality. Letting go of the “certainties” in life. Certainty – that little myth in life that carries a sense of rigidness. I think of the people I know who are certain about so many things, they don’t leave room for doubt, what if’s, or the maybe’s. Yes, I am guilty at time for my certain opinions; just ask the boyfriend – he can attest to this! But I’ve started to be mindful about opening my heart and embracing the “possibility” that I could be wrong.

 **Usually this comes into play with topics of religion, politics, and human nature. People can be so close minded. I’ve noticed politics is the worst – all political parties**

I think it’s obvious to say, the evening was wonderful! My heart and mind feel rejuvenated. My body feels blessed. My soul feels excited.

Elizabeth Gilbert, thank you for your bravery, your guidance, and your creativity.

Friends, seek things that nourish your soul. 


Inspiration: the process of being stimulated to do or feel something; to do something creative.

9am to 5pm: fluorescent lights: phone ringing:emails blasting: high heels: daily routine.

Find your inspiration. Photography inspires my spirit. I can not say I one behind the lens capturing moments; but I certainly appreciate how it moves feelings within.  Different stories and emotions to each person.

I feel…


Mystery.  Curiosity.  


Passion. Love.


Possibility. Gratitude.


Pain.  Sadness.


Calm. Peace.


Enchantment. Inviting.



“You can’t wait for inspiration.  You have to go after it with a club. ”
         Jack London

** Found all these images through pinning with pinterest **

Mind. Heart. Body. Soul

The journey to open-minded, individualistic, and adventurous spirituality.


From Elizabeth Lesser:

MIND: learning meditation to ease stress and anxiety.
HEART: opening the heart and becoming fully alive.
BODY: returning the body to the spiritual fold to heal and overcome the fear of aging and death.
SOUL: experiencing daily life as an adventure of meaning and mystery.

the circle.

the circle.

unity. wholeness. infinity. female power. sun.

i’ve thought about getting a tattoo lately, and so far this is my obsession. the circle represents the feminine spirit of force, the cosmos, mother earth, and sacred space.

My life.

“This is my life, the life that is given to me, and it is this life that I have to live, as well as I can.  My life is unique.   Nobody else will ever live it.  I have my own history, my own family,  my own body, my own character,  my own friends,  my own way of thinking,  speaking,  and acting – yes, I have my own life to live.  No one else has the same challenge. I am alone, because I am unique.   Many people can help me to live my life, but after all is said and done, I have to make my own choices about how to live.”

Henri J.M. Nouwen